Powering your online presence

The SimpleHub platform powers your online presence by managing web sites, providing marketing tools and insights, and assisting in simplifying business or organization operations.

DKL Creations is exclusively licensed to offer SimpleHub service subscriptions.

All of our SimpleHub powered packages are accompanied by quality, hands-on strategic development for your web site & services, provided by the DKLC team!

SimpleHub Features

Web Content Management
Makes it easy to deploy powerful tools and functionality as well as manage site content in an intentionally SEO friendly manner.
Media Gallery
Manage albums of images, audio, or even embedded video which can be deployed as slideshows, streams, and galleries.
Article Publishing
Publishing valuable content and resources is a core tenant of the modern web. This module makes that process simple and puts powerful controls in the users hands.
Email & Subscriber List Management
Take the content that already exists in your SimpleHub instance and send it out to your email subscriber lists. Includes powerful analytics and visitor engagement tracking tools.
Web Forms

Create highly customizeable forms from scratch to deploy on your site. Automate email responses, lead generation and more! Can also be used to build custom data sets to store and organize any kind of desired information! Or use custom forms to extend and customize information in existing modules such as contacts, property, etc.
Social Media Feed Publishing
Once your content has been created, queue it up to be shared on your social media accounts at an optimal time.
Contacts, Lead, and User Management
This core module ties all the pieces of information together, assisting in putting a name to the data! Manage site users, contact information, and aggregate lead values.
Advanced analytics (footprints) for visitor behavior tracking, provides valuable insights into serving your clients interests as well as providing real data which can make web site design and development decisions far more effective.

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Advanced Features & Modules

Easily deploy and manage your own MLS or property / investment listing database. Fully configurable, the listings can be tailored just right for the services you offer!
Employee TimeClock
Allow SimpleHub users to clock-in and clock-out via the single click of an icon! Track employee hours, view reports, set automated breaks and lunch times based on hours worked.
Social Profiles for Site Users*
The "social network" aspect of SimpleHub, this module creates the framework to deploy profiles which can publish content, images, videos, etc. Includes mechanisms for "favoriting" and bookmarking.
Product Management & Performance Tracking
Create and define products with custom attributes, item numbers, and pricing structures. Track site visitor footprints and purchase / shopping cart conversions.
Shopping Cart, Invoicing, Work Orders, and Receipt Tracking*
Allow visitors to buy right from your website, create invoices manually or from work orders, track receipts, build reports on product performance, and more! (Requires outside merchant services for credit card processing.)
Project Management*
This powerful tool lets a user setup a project, assign users, set milestones, create to-do lists, track timelogs, managing and send working documents, attach files, and more!
Sync & Publish Content Across Multiple SimpleHub Powered Sites From a Master Install
Have multiple SimpleHub powered sites? Publish certain content across all or some of them via a single click. Supports canonnical ownership of content for SEO best-practices.
* Module still in beta testing & development phase.
Need a unique custom service built on top of an establish platform? In addition to providing pre-packaged configurations, the PAWS Framework is a modular and scalable environment which can support tailored services ranging from small custom scripts all the way up to multi-server driven sites.

SimpleHub for Real Estate Agents & Property Managers

A SimpleHub pre-packaged feature set and website designed specifically for the modern real estate agent or brokerage, this bundle delivers powerful functionality and an almost instant readiness straight to the hands of agents looking for the competitive edge.

It starts with choosing configuration options on a gorgeous DKLC hand crafted template, and includes features such as MLS property database management, IDX solutions, lead management, conversion tracking and marketing tools, and much more!

Offering options for residential and commercial agents.

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