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Remote Salesforce Developer

Our Salesforce development team is responsible for  building, maintaining, and supporting the Salesforce environment which facilitates our daily interconnected workflow between multiple companies and teams. As a tight-knit team we are looking for members who value simplicity, agility, and elegance in development philosophy. Quality of work, attention to detail, and craftsmanship would be a constant requirement.

We are looking for the candidate who desires a stable position and to develop and grow over the long-term with our team and our company.

You will have the opportunity to contribute to and solve current and future problems centered around new functionality and feature development, scaling, streamlining / refactoring legacy methods, developing quality assurance processes, and streamlining DevOps for our development pipeline.

As a Salesforce Developer, you would be required to become deeply acquainted with our Salesforce dependencies, unique integrations, team workflows, code base, and any special considerations specific to our environment.

Our Salesforce team is part of and works with a larger group of development, technology, and creative related teams.


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We are an integrated part of a group of fast-growing and highly-profitable real estate and investment companies. Our leaders share the perspective that successful businesses can empower effective and impactful non-profits, through providing funding, skills, and access to resources.

We value our clients, and we value each other as individuals and as teammates working towards common goals.

Our group of companies include JRW Investments, ExchangeRight, JRW Realty, Telos Capital Funds, DKL Creations, and more!


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