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Employment Opportunities at DKL Creations. We are located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and we are looking to add the right individuals to our growing team. DKLC delivers development, design and business startup strategy, all powered by the PAWS platform.
Job Opportunity at DKLC - Web Developer

DKL Creations is looking to add a developer to our expanding team!

We are looking for innovative individuals who are looking to contribute their skills, and eager for an opportunity to grow and expand those skills while working for a small firm that tackles big problems. DKLC is looking for qualified individuals with (web) programming experience, an insatiable pursuit of development, and a strong emphasis on delivering efficient, high-quality products.

Job Description

As a Web Developer you will be:

  • Working with a team to deploy tailored, unique websites for clients which integrate with DKLC's SimpleHub SaaS platform.
  • Extending custom feature development for sites and services powered by SimpleHub. (SimpleHub is a fully integrated and hosted web content and business management platform.)
  • Digging deep into user experience strategy, planning, and execution.
  • Future opportunity: Contributing to the development and growth of the SimpleHub platform.

Required Proficiency In

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • PHP 5+
  • MySQL

Traits / Abilities We Are Looking For

  • Self-motivated
  • Eager to learn
  • Able to problem-solve and demonstrate good critical thinking skills
  • Able to communicate well via clear and comprehensive professional emails

Preferred Experience

  • Object Oriented Development
  • LAMP Server Environment Administration
  • Working with API's
  • Development for mobile devices.
  • Some level of familiarity with the design process to allow you to work seamlessly with our graphic designers.
  • Customer Service

Bonus Abilities / Experience

  • Native Mobile Application Development.
  • Database optimization & performance
  • Familiarity with server and/or development security

Minimum Required Previous Experience

  • Trade School completion for web scripting / development AND 2 years of paid or unpaid working experience as a developer

- OR -

  • 3-4 Years of paid working experience as a developer

- OR -

  • Proven ability consistent with someone who has met one of the above qualifications


  • Ideally in the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. (Open to a telecommuting arrangement with the right person in the greater pacific northwest region.)
  • We are looking to build an on-location development and design team which can effectively collaborate in a real time, hands on environment, giving everyone the chance to contribute to company culture and delivering more innovative products. However, for the right person with the right skills and the right work ethic, we will consider tele-conferencing from a remote location.

Compensation and Opportunity

  • Wages determined on employment based on skill & experience.
  • Hourly or Salary options available depending on individual arrangements.
  • Future profit sharing options available.
  • Introduction to a Small, Tight-Knit Community with an Ambitious Vision
  • Opportunity to Contribute to the Code Base of an Up-and-Coming Commercial SaaS ECM

How To Apply

  • Email the items below to with the subject line "DKLC Job Posting" (emails without this exact subject line will be ignored):
  • Introductory letter (in the body of the email)
  • Code sample of something you're proud of that you've created for fun or work (as an attached file)
  • Code sample demonstrating awareness of current development and scripting techniques (as an attached file)
  • References to industry pieces by others that inspire you (as an attached file)
  • Resume (as an attached file)

During the application review process, DKLC will be analyzing each applicant's ability to follow directions as well as communicate clearly and professionally. We will also be examining submitted code samples for efficiency in design, organization of code structure, and a demonstration of simplicity in execution.